Fredrik Lindborg Trio & String Quartet (SWE)


klo 17:00


30 €

(Fredrik Lindborg bar-sax/ten-sax/sop-sax, Martin Sjöstedt b, Daniel Fredriksson d, Daniel Migdal vn, Sarah Cross vn, Oscar Treitler va, Amalie Stalheim vc)

Fredrik Lindborg Trio & String Quartet “Spirit of Swedish Jazz ” where seven of Sweden’s greatest jazz and classical musicians has gathered to play and develop the heritage of Swedish jazz.

The music is hard swingin´ jazz with a touch of folk music and a spice of classical chamber music. It’s beautiful, easy listening, intricate, funny, ugly,… well, it has everything.

Most of the repertoire originates from two of Sweden’s greatest musicians and composers, Lars Gullin and Georg Riedel who both have had a big part in making Swedish jazz something unique.

In Sweden, the band has been a big success and recently released their Riedel-album in the Stockholm Concert Hall.