Uncle Ben’s Pumped Up Frisco


klo 20:30

Frisco for your disco – the ultimate party experience since 2014 🕺

Uncle Ben’s Pumped Up Frisco is a party band that excels in creating the funkiest disco experience around. With its six members who have shared the stage for 10 years now, the experience of a Ben’s show is guaranteed to make you feel the need to lay that boogie down.

Sassy horns, chocolaty bass grooves and flamboyant outfits – these are a few of the flavors & spices included in the Ben’s recipe 🌶

Anton Elmvik – bass
William Ahlskog – drums
Gustav Nyström – vocals, trombone
Adrian Rantala – vocals, guitar, bongos
William Stocks – vocals, saxophone
Oliver Tschernij – keys