Festival Information

Baltic Jazz Festival has been organised since 1987 in the iron works village of Dalsbruk on Kimito Island. The next festival will be held on 9-11 July 2021. The programme offers over 20 different happenings, of which several can be enjoyed completely free. The festival is organised by the support association “Intresseföreningen för jazzmusik i Dalsbruk”. Finnish jazz legend Antti Sarpila is the Creative Director of the festival (since 2002).

We are currently monitoring the situation to see how much of the festival programme we are able to implement this summer.

Arrival and Accommodation

If you arrive by car, the drive from Helsinki is about 2,5 hours and 1 h 10 min from Turku. There are several parking areas in Dalsbruk.

If you arrive by boat, the Dalsbruk Guest Harbour is at your service (N 60° 01,2’ E 22°30,6’)! The harbour fee is 27-37 € / 24 h. Docking places are not possible to book in advance for the festival weekend, but everyone is guaranteed a place. More information about the guest harbour here.​

By bus, you can easily get to Dalsbruk and the festival area from many different locations. During the festival weekend, there are also extra festival buses between Kemiö, Kasnäs and Dalsbruk​.

The closest train station can be found in Salo. Do you prefer a bike? The beautiful Coastal Route ​ passes through Dalsbruk.​

Different accommodation alternatives can be found through the links below:

Dalsbruk with nearby areas​
Kimito Island
Camping - Dalsbruk

Ticket Sales and Discounts

You can buy your tickets in advance via Tiketti or Luckan-Kemiö (open on weekdays between 12 and 17). Please note that we only collaborate with these two regarding tickets sold in advance. Baltic Jazz does not collaborate with e.g. viagogo or other channels claiming to sell our tickets. Tickets that are bought through other channels may not be accepted at the festival. During the festival, tickets are sold in the ticket sales office in Bio Pony (opens on 7 July) or by the door (30 minutes before the concert begins, or 60 minutes before concert no 6).

Children: Free entrance for children under the age of 2 to Baltic Jazz Kids. Other concerts: free entrance for children under 12 years together with a parent (NB! Does not apply to concert no 8, 13 - age limit 18 years).
Youth: 12–17-year olds get a 50 % discount on all tickets. NB! The discount does not apply on Baltic Jazz Kids, our festival passes or concerts no. 8, 13 (age limit 18 years).
​Groups: Groups get one (1) complimentary ticket per 15 tickets ordered. Bookings and inquiries via e-mail: baltic.jazz@kimitoon.fi​

Festival Area

The festival area is located right in the centre of Dalsbruk. Here you will find the Jazz Street, the Park, Bio Pony, the old Foundry, the library and the old Mechanical Workshop. The church is located within a short walking distance, but you need a mode of transport to get to Kasnäs, Café Vivan and Bjärkas.​ The concert venues are carefully selected to highlight the history and beauty of the old iron works village. The stages in the Park and on the Jazz Street are located outside. The stage and seats in Kasnäs are outside but covered by a roof. NB! It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the Park.

Accessibility and First Aid

Almost all of our concert venues are accessible. The church has several steps with no ramp, so e.g. a wheel chair needs to be carried up and down the stairs. Personal assistants have free entrance to all of our concerts.

There is a First Aid group available at the festival the entire weekend. The First Aid tent can be found in the intersection of Taalintehtaantie and Tallimäentie (between the Park and the Jazz Street). In case of emergency, call 112.​

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